Facebook & 
Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads offer you exceptional targeting and visual real estate to showcase your product & brand to reach potential customers at all stages of the funnel.

Why Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Facebook as 2.3 billion monthly active users, and Instagram 1 billion monthly active users – this is a clear indication that it’s highly likely your customers will be using one or both of these social networks!

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Targeting For All Stages in Your Funnel

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, it’s possible to use its remarkable targeting capabilities across both platforms. This allows you to to reach people at all stages of your funnel, create lookalike audiences that match your target audience and gain new customers, showcase new products to repeat customers and retarget customers who visited your website but didn’t buy – the potential at every level is huge.

Shoppable Ads

Imagine if you could not only reach your potential customers with an ad, but show them products specially selected for them?

Shoppable ads on both Facebook and Instagram highlight products curated to appeal to your target audience. Sending them straight to a product page bypasses potential friction, increasingly the likelihood the product will be purchased. Ka-ching!

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Get The Benefit of Upify's Expertise in Social Media Advertising for Shopify.

With so many targeting options, designing an effective campaign that delivers value for money is a specialised skill. The incredible complexity of the Facebook and Instagram advertising means you need a team who specialise in running campaigns for Shopify stores – luckily, you found us!

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