Conversion Optimisation

Someone reaches your website. Now what? If you’re putting in the money and effort drive traffic to your website, don’t throw it away – conversion optimisation makes the most of that traffic by increasing the percentage of visitors who make a purchase.

Digital Marketing's Secret Weapon

Conversion optimisation is how we jump start your website’s conversion from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’. Conversion optimisation is the often-overlooked step in e-commerce marketing. Through a process of testing and iterating, we can quickly learn what’s working to make your website your most powerful tool in guiding your customers to make a purchase.


Identify 'Leaks' With a Conversion Audit

We look at a website like a bucket (or maybe a funnel – either way, imagine a receptacle that holds water). If there are holes in your bucket-funnel-receptacle, you get leaks! A conversion audit identifies those holes where your potential customers may be lost, whether it’s simply changing the colour of a button or restructuring your entire shopping cart, there’s always some way in which a conversion audit can identify room for improvement.

Reap The Rewards

Cupcakes or cold hard cash – however you might conceive of those rewards, it’s what awaits you when you embark on conversion optimisation. By optimising your website to the nth degree, you’re capitalising on all your hard work setting up your business, building a website, managing your store and marketing it like crazy. Now, you know that when a visitor hits your site, there’s the best possible likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

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Upify, Your Shopify Conversion Optimisation Specialists

At Upify, we get excited about conversion rate optimisation because it’s one of the places where the fun stuff happens – sites are audited, changes are made, and dollars are the result. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be the Shopify conversion specialists you can count on. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than making a store’s conversion rate skyrocket.

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