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Email Automation

Talk directly to your customers through automated email sequences that do more than just deliver updates, news and special offers – with Upify’s email automation, you’re constantly building your relationship with your customers and their trust in your brand in the process.

Klaviyo, Email for eCommerce

Make the most of your email automation with Klaviyo, email marketing software built for e-commerce.

With Klaviyo, you don’t just send out email blasts once in a while – powerful segmentation and automation means we build email sequences designed to target individual segments of your audience, whether it’s to remind them of something in their cart, prompt an impulse-buy with a special offer, or to build the relationship with messages for special occasions like birthdays, holidays or anniversaries.


Copywriting That Attracts Attention

It’s not enough to set up a perfect email automation system with beautiful segmentation – once your email hits your customer’s inbox, it needs to attract their attention and drive them to your desired outcome. With professional copywriting, you know your emails will do all of the above capturing your brand’s unique voice.

Reporting, Reporting, Reporting

Reporting and analytics are key to all marketing, and email is no different. Klaviyo go one better – not content to just report on clicks and open rates, their reporting focuses on the metric that matters most, revenue, so you can directly attribute emails to money made.

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Highly Effective Email Automation Made Simple With Upify

Get all the expertise you need across automation set up and maintenance, segmentation, copywriting and reporting with Upify. We make awesome email easy.

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