Top 5 Reasons Shopify Is The Best ECommerce Platform For Your Business In 2019

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Top 5 Reasons Shopify Is The Best ECommerce Platform For Your Business In 2019

In today?s digitalized world, almost every startup, small business or a big brand, look for effective ways to reach a global audience. Creating an eCommerce website is one of the best ways to sell your products online and reach that audience. All you need is a reliable platform that helps you get up and running quickly and easily.

According to research by Statista, global eCommerce sales are predicted to experience increase from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021.

Although there are many eCommerce platforms available that make selling online easier like Woocommerce & BigCommerce, Shopify has always been on the top list of many businesses to set up an online store for good reasons..

If you are planning to set up your eCommerce store quickly and easily, Shopify is definitely the right bet. As one of the leading eCommerce platform builders, Shopify powers more than 500,000 businesses with a whopping sales of $48 billion.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that helps you set-up an online store to start, sell, market and manage your services and products on the web. It is completely cloud-based and hosted, that means you don?t have to worry about maintaining or upgrading your web servers or software.

It is also the first hosted eCommerce online solutions to use the Content Delivery Network (CDN). With a stable internet connection, you can easily access and run your online businesses from anywhere.

Top 5 reasons Shopify is the best eCommerce platform in the world!

#1 Easy to use

Shopify is easy to set up and has a handy dashboard from where you can customize the entire look of your site. Adding products to your Shopify store is easy and clear. It explains all the fields precisely including titles, price, descriptions and more.

Managing customers, orders, store stats and other details are easier with this eCommerce platform. You don?t have to be a pro in designing or development skills to set up your Shopify store. You can easily access every section of your store from the main menu.

#2 Exceptional Features

Shopify is known for its exceptional features which make it the best eCommerce platform in the world. Here are a few features that make Shopify a jack of all trades.

  • There are 50+ languages available on the online store checkout. There are many plugins available like Panda Language translate, Langify and Multi Lingo. These plugins help merchants to translate into different languages.
  • Shopify allows you to recover your lost sales by sending customers an email with a link of their abandoned cart. The main aim is to encourage customers to complete their purchase.
  • You can add limitless products to your online store.
  • By using Shopify Payments, you can get an inbuilt fraud analysis feature automatically. It features flag fraudulent orders and brings them to your notice. It helps in avoiding losses and chargebacks.
  • Shopify supports SEO, helping potential customers find your store online. It supports Search Engine Practices like title, meta tags and customizable heading tags.
  • All the Shopify stores include social media integration like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.
  • To set up your dropshipping business, Shopify integrates with applications like Inventory Source, eCommHub, and Ordoro.  

#3 Secure Hosting

Security is an important part of any eCommerce store. Even Shopify takes care of customer security very well. The secure hosting of Shopify includes a FREE 256-bit SSL certificate and a secure shopping cart that keep your online transaction, pages, credit card and content protected. Merchants get an option to choose from 100 external payment gateways, including Strips, which is one of the leaders in the payment gateway systems. Moreover, the platform supports all popular payment methods, ranging from Credit & debit cards, bank transfer, net banking and EMI?s, to Wallets, UPI, PayPal and Cash on Delivery.

Shopify also offers security features for the merchant for setting up an eCommerce website. Based on your location, it handles tax rates of major countries and states automatically.

#4 Point-of-sale

This is one of the most useful features offered by Shopify. Whether you own an Android device or an iOS, you can easily sell your products and process transactions in person. The basic Shopify features allow you to sell almost anywhere like in fairs, markets or pop-up shops. This amazing feature allows you to create a cart for each customer, customize it and then accept the payment with the gateway of your customers choice.

The feature also allows you to sync with Shopify to track orders, customer data and inventory and automatically update them with every POS transaction. You can even view them and also manage the order of your store from this app. If you want to get extra features, you can upgrade to Shopify plan by which you can add manage your store features like register shifts, and staff PINs and also add hardware to your retail setup.

#5 Outstanding Customer Support

One of the reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform is – its outstanding customer support. The reliable hosted eCommerce partner, Shopify is known for its round the clock customer support team that is available by email, phone, and live chat. Whether you are a trusted partner or a Merchant of Shopify, you will get excellent customer support.

Shopify help centre provides you with user guides, and tutorials and discussion forums help you get involved in the community discussion and take part in conversations related to accounting, marketing and more. Shopify also provides video tutorial documentation to understand how the platform works.

Whether you are planning to start a new online store or switching from one platform to another, Shopify has got you covered. To test if it is the right platform for you, you can get a 14-day FREE trial. If you find the trail useful and efficient, you can choose a pricing plan that suits the size and need of your business.

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