Manage Your Product Reviews With Klaviyo : Newest Klaviyo Product

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Manage Your Product Reviews With Klaviyo : Newest Klaviyo Product

Product reviews play an important role in online shopping. They can influence a shopper's decision to buy or repurchase from your online store. According to Klaviyo, 93% of shoppers will look for testimonials or reviews by other shoppers before making a purchase.

Showing testimonial or product ratings/reviews is also the fastest way to gain the trust of your customers and encourage them to purchase. 

Klaviyo claims their new review feature provides a seamless and connected marketing experience, allowing your product reviews to become a powerful tool for you to utilise. The goal - increase customer retention and lifetime value with the added bonus of all your data consolidated in one place.

Who is Klaviyo?

Never heard of Klaviyo? It’s a marketing automation platform purpose built for e-commerce that allows you to target people, grow your list, and drive more repeat sales at higher cart values with hyper-targeted, behaviour-triggered email, SMS, and mobile push automations. Check them out here.

So what does their new feature do?

All your data in one place: Save time and resources with your marketing data and messaging in one consolidated tech stack.

Consistent brand messaging: Ensure messaging is always on brand by using templates.

Optimised timing: Automatically collect reviews from customers at the right time in their journey.

How does it work?

Automate review requests
There’s a sweet spot for getting customers to review their purchases. Klaviyo allows you to send a request for review immediately after a purchase is made on your online platform using automated email and SMS flows

Reward and support shoppers
Everyone loves a discount code! Thank 5-star reviewers for their time with a unique coupon or a reward such as “get 15% off your next purchase”. This provides more value and potentially increases retention and loyalty.

Support customers by directing negative reviews to support so you can improve the quality of services provided to your customers.

Segmentation based on your review data
Use your review data to personalise product recommendations to customers. By doing this there is a high chance your customers will want to buy more from you.

Select segmented review requests
Send review requests only to customers with confirmed deliveries and who you’re confident will have a positive opinion of the purchase process with you.

Product reviews on Shopify
Publish, highlight, or moderate reviews and showcase top reviews where they’re most impactful. This improves how the customer reacts to your website and increases the engagement time spent in your online store.

Design custom experiences
Klaviyo allows you to match the theme already existing on your website to provide seamless UI/UX integration.

Insights from custom questions
Customise the replies to the questions asked, personalise messages and create custom segments for a better understanding of your audiences.

Give shoppers the confidence they need to buy

Use reviews across the online store

Showcase review quotes and star ratings in emails or on your website. This can help you get more engagement and in turn, more sales.

Trust building

Ensure your shoppers are presented with reviews from real buyers. Genuine testimonials show the integrity of your business and are essential for growing your business and gaining customer loyalty.

Keep shoppers informed
Answer questions from reviews directly on your website. A satisfied customer is the key to getting more sales and who knows,  you might get more customers from word of mouth.

Search and filter reviews
Allow shoppers to search and filter reviews on your website. There’s no need to remove or hide negative reviews but to show how you have handled these situations gives shoppers confidence to buy from you.

What others are saying about Klaviyo…

 “With our previous platform, there was no customization, really. You get the out-of-the-box review request flows, but you can’t set all the rules, filters, and triggers you can with Klaviyo.”

Joel Shetterly, CMO, Compass Coffee. 

After using this the brand noticed a 70% increase in reviews and substantial growth after using the well-organised and consolidated data all-in-one platform which helped them save their time and resources along with optimising their process for better results.

Do you really need a tool like this?

Klaviyo uses powerful integrations to achieve the customised and targeting results. The main goal of this tool is to utilise customer product reviews to attract customers to buy your products. It then works on increasing customer engagement and retention of these customers, hopefully turning them into loyal repeat shoppers. If used correctly it can be a powerful asset to your e-commerce business. 

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